Karina is the best friend in the whole world. Anyone who knows karina is lucky to even see her. She is the most beautiful person known to man. She reminds you of the sand inbetween the dunes and the waves that is littered with beautiful see shells. She spends time being amazingly sweet and treating everyone lovingly and equally.
Anyone friends with karina is so lucky.
by chung buhl December 12, 2017
Karina is a unique and kind girl. If she likes someone, she will do anything to get to him, even when it’s very awkward. She will do everything she can to help her friends and family and any guy deserves to have her. But she is not an easy catch. She likes sertain things and dislikes sertain things. However she loves music and volunteers to anything related to the things she loves. She is confident around guys that she likes as a friend, but when it comes to a guy she has a crush on she will act shy even though he talks to her. But either way Karina is a great friend to have.
Karina stands out and let’s her true colors shine brighter than the sun!
by Karina6thgrade December 19, 2017
Karina- Beautiful girl,usually with creamy caramel skin and brown eyes. Nice little figure,
Shy and yet crazy . Inoncent at sight but an Exotic Sex Goddes on the down low.
Weird and extremely intelligent. Charming,Funny,Sweet and Sexy .A karina is someone you call

wifey. Men and Women love Karina because she is the most amazing friend you can possibly have.You can call tell her your secrets and she'll carry it to her grave.
Special girls get this beautiful name for it means pure and beloved.Thye're Understanding and unselfish.Very creative and courageous.
. Fellas if you ever get with a karina make sure you treat her like a lover and friend. For she is a rare gem.
She loves to please her men mentally,spiritually and sexually. They tend to be really playful but knows when things are serious.She's someone you would never want to lose.
by Bluesnake88 February 6, 2010
Karina is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin. It means "pure" of "loved". Karina is artistic and outgoing, she loves music. She also likes to party and have fun with friends. She likes apples! Karina tends to trust anyone, thereby she gets hurt a lot. Karina takes relationships seriously and she'll never hurt a guy she loves. For Karina: Opposites do attract!
Isn't Karina just the girl you love?
by BobsterPlus July 27, 2007
A very beautiful girl that believes that she isn’t. Usually has a HUGE crush on someone. But is afraid to tell them. She is shy and socially awkward at first but after you get to know her she is an extrovert! She doesn’t go for the hottest guy, she goes for the smartest, funniest, and kindest boy (as long as they are somewhat cute)
Karina said she was fat yesterday when she is definitely not!
by KKCUPCAKE June 9, 2019
Karinas are always beautiful if you give them your heart they will give it back almost as good as knew Karina will always take care of you through the bad times <3. Karinas are beautiful you are 99% going to have a crush on one
karinas are fit
by yourboyellis July 16, 2019
A girl that is Beautiful, stay outa drama. She’s shy but once’s you get to know her she’s the goofiest Person y’all ever met. She doesn’t like guys who are stuck up or sensitive, she jokes a lot and has dark humor, she also very unique and likes guys who are different guys who many girls who don’t really like she more into unique guys who are as goofy ass her, Karina is a amazing and beautiful girl
Karina is a unique and different person but well liked
by Unknown63883562 November 14, 2018