Extremely beautiful girl. Very outgoing and will say exactly what she feels. Shes a trustworthy person, and will never tell anyone your secret. Tend to love cats and are good at dance and gymnastics. Any man would be lucky to have a Karina because she tells no secrets and is a beautiful person inside and out.
Karina is such a sweet girl, I wish i was her.
by paige renee December 1, 2013
A perfect girl with perfect skin,body,money,love,education,style. Karinaaaa Oh I love her so dearly. A good pretty friend but ugly people wish they where her. She is such a good girl others hate her, becasue the people who hate her, she can care less about. People who love her love themselves and see her true beauty inside and out.
by larvSy September 1, 2010
Karina is the name of a very out going and boy crazy girl. She has a lot of guys crushing on her and has trouble picking one. She usually has creamy skin, brown eyes and long hair. Her twerking skills are out of this world! She's very popular and has a lot of friends. She's good at making out and enjoys summer nights with her friends. Karina has a very good sense of fashion and always looks stunning. Karinas usually have an hour glass figure, a nice bum and boobies. Overall karinas have the full package and any guy who is lucky enough to be with one should feel very special.
Karinas ass is to die for

Karina is a rocket

Karina and he tights
by Twerk101 January 3, 2014
A name of Scandinavian origin. Meaning "pure"&"loved".Karina is outgoing,charming,funny,Sweet, sexy & loves music. She likes to party and have fun with friends. Karina's take relationships seriously. She is smiley,smart, genuine, has lots of friends, accepts most people & is EXTREMELY good at keeping secrets. She tends to likes dogs & likes to have fun.Karina tends to trust people quickly. She is shy and yet crazy . Inoncent at sight but an Exotic Sex Goddess on the down low. A passionate kisser.Men and Women love Karina because she is the most amazing friend you can possibly have. Very understanding and unselfish as well as courageous.
I need a Karina; she is awesome!
by tinaturtlekins February 13, 2010
Karina is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin. It means "pure". Karina is artistic and outgoing, she loves music. She also likes to party and have fun with friends. Beautiful! She likes Chinese food! Lovesss the movies. Karina tends to trust people quickly, then makes it easier her to get hurt. Karina takes relationships seriously. For Karina: Opposites do attract!
She reminds me of Karina, she's so much fun!
by kay 8994 August 30, 2009
Karina is the world's cutest girl ever. You'll never meet anyone that's more fun to be with than Karina. She's always friendly and outgoing, and is very physically attractive as well. Never lose Karina, she will be your best friend forever.
by ._Saigon_. January 12, 2017
Karina is a wonderful girl that is a natural beauty. She has big dreams, lots of friends and a good heart. Everyone around her laughs, smiles, and feels happy. She is an amazing freind, stubborn at times, and a little self centered. But hey, we're not all perfect
laugh smile beautiful karina
by Kjane2000 May 23, 2012