This is the most beautiful girl you could ever meet. She usually has caramel skin and beautiful light brown eyes. Her smile is the cutest thing ever ! You can trust Karina with anything, she won't ever tell your secrets away. She has a nice figure and very physically attractive. She has tons of guys after her but she doesn't fall for just anyone. Guys go crazy about her and secretly have a big crush on her. Be careful how you treat her because she has options to choose from, you don't want to lose a girl like her. KARINA GOT THE WHOLE PACKAGE !! Nice boobs, flat stomach, and a big ass. Her hair is dark and long, any girl would want it. Once you become friends with her, make sure to not lose her. You'd be lucky enough if she even talked to you. Girl's tend to hate her because they are jealous of her looks and popularity. She hates drama, she'll just let the haters hate and continue on living her life. Her voice is the sweetest thing you'll ever hear. She may have an attitude sometimes but it looks cute on her. Her outfits always bring out her figure, she literally looks good in anything she wears. She is such a model material. She doesn't even need to wear make up, she looks good with and without it. She may be shy sometimes, but she is a freak in the bed. Don't get fooled. If you ever make friends with a Karina, keep her in your life. You'll regret losing her.
Joel : Bro she is hot as fuck.
Eder: That's Karina, such a pretty girl.
Joel: I wanna get to know her.
Eder: Back off bro, I'm already talking to her.
by babygirldapimp September 20, 2019
Karina is the most amazing person you could ever meet, she is always there to help the her friends. Karina is radiant even without makeup. she is kindhearted and caring to every one she meets. She may be shy at first but once you get to know her she will be your person you go to if you need someone. Karina will be there to help know mater what she is doing. she is open to make and meet new people and she is extremely smart and beautiful inside and out.
Guy- Hey do you see that cute girl over there.

Guy #2- ya that's Karina she is the most amazing girl you could ever meet.

Girl- I wish i could be as pretty as Karina (maybe in the future).
by anime24 November 22, 2017
An amazing best friend:) You should get your own Karina she’s the best :)
Me : Karina is hawt 💩💩
by Kayla .. May 5, 2021
a quiet and reserved person who is very shallow and pretty. she is smiley and smart.
"Karina is so smart and quiet, you never know what she's thinking"
by jenny December 15, 2003
A very beautiful girl with a amazing personality, she also has a perverted side to her that loves to tease others. Prefers to tease Steven and suggest sleeping with I'm but dose so in a TEASING maner o: ^-^ =p
Girls compare them selfs to karina
by Ovets11 December 30, 2011
Karina is shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her you’ll fall in love! She has beautiful natural curly hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes

All the boys want her no matter if it looks it or not! Once a guy starts talking to her he no joke will fall in love! She is the funniest, kindest, smartest , and most beautiful girl anyone will see! So to the guys out there, all Karina wants is to be loved , and for you to care and be there for here. After all, she dose deserve it.

Karina never breaks up with people, they brake up with her. (Most of the time for a dumb reason) But, one day, she will find the love of her life and they will both fall more in love then they ever had before! I mean , after all, Karina is the whole package!

She has a lot going on but finds it hard to talk about. SO WATCH OUT! One day she will explode

In conclusion, Karina is the best person you’ll ever meet! So get a Karina in your life
Girl : Karina never talks

Boy: Nah, I was talking to her on snapchat yesterday

Girl: what did she say

Boy : can’t remember ( She’s the girl of my dreams)
by Name defies October 28, 2019