Karina is the cooleast person you will ever meet. Karina is the sex. Karina loves boys/. Especially boys with the name beginning with rob.Extremly self-conscios and often needs a heling hand to guide her in the riht direction. Karina is a irl that is usualy fluent in french and is usually well-fit! If you know a karina, you should be proud.Shes one in a million.
I'd fookin put your wan Kaina in a wheelchair.

Karina is a ledgend

Karina loves Robert.....and Killian

I just love Karina, She can speak french

Karina is the sex
by bhbhbbhbhbhbhb August 29, 2008
A girl who loves Mango pods and dick.
Damn that girl sure is a Karina!
by Kjuuls May 19, 2018
Karina will be the luckiest person you will ever meet in your life. She’s such a great and talented artist that will take your breath away with her drawings, very trustworthy and nice once you get to know her very well. Shy and very caring person and a crazy person around her friends, you’ll want to spend every moment with her.
“Karina is great dude, have you met her yet?”
“No but I definitely should!”
by ThatOneNormalKitty December 4, 2019
Karina is a name for someone who isn't afraid to be herself. She is never introverted and a little bit too extroverted. She is very beautiful and others tend to be jealous of her. You just need a Karina in your life.
Damn Karina is hot

Did you see how funny karina is?
by KxitKat August 14, 2018
Person 1: WOW, look at that total HOTTIE
Person 2: Yeah, heard her name is Karina
by mewithane April 28, 2022
Ruler of the EU.
Person 1: hey it’s that Karina girl
Person 2: oh you mean the ruler of the EU
Is a outgoin and artistic girl. She loves boys that have the letter "E" at the start of their name hense mostly ellis lol. karina loves knifes especially sharp ones and is always saying something to do with a twin lol. Karina has blonde hair and is good at dancing and other stuff.

Karina is amazing.
Karina, put that knife down and leave ellis alone for fuck sake
by Ratty girly December 28, 2016