Kaori is a Japanese girls' name meaning "fragrant". A Kaori ALWAYS smells nice, whether it be by shampoo, perfume, lotion, etc.

Kaoris are also really friendly. They love meeting new people, and you won't regret getting to know them. They love being much-loved in general (and they generally are much-loved), so they'll do a lot to make you like them.
Though Kaoris might seem very shy and polite when you first meet them, you'll soon discover their true nature. Someone named Kaori is usually eccentric, fun, and energetic. They love to laugh. Some Kaoris are more serious, true, but the majority are very cheerful.
Kaoris are also pretty well-rounded. They're generally good at art and their studies, though some of them are a bit lacking when it comes to athletics. They often know at least one instrument, and, if not, have various other talents to make up for it.
As you can see, if you ever are lucky enough to meet one of these pretty, creative, fun girls, you won't want to give her up. A Kaori is one of the best kinds of people you will ever find. :)
"That new girl in the class is named Kaori, right? It's kind of an unusual name, since it's Japanese and all, but... I think she must be really awesome."
by Magical Girl August 15, 2012
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It's a NAME (first name) --specifically a Japanese one for girls, the above examples are people's mis-hearings of the word "kawaii" or "kakko ii"

The most common meaning of this name is "fragrance"
by Kaoru January 2, 2005
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The sweetest girl you will ever meet, she always put others first, she is caring, beautiful, very funny and smart. She has dealt with a lot of shit but she always comes out strong. She is shy and timid at first but she is very loveable when you get to know her, she tries her best to please everyone cause she has the biggest of hearts. Also got a dummy thicc booty
Look at that cute girl, she is definitely a kaori
by Numbkn May 14, 2019
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The most amazing girl you'll ever fucking meet. You can depend on her. She's sweet, kind, thoughtful, sexy as fuck, hot as hell, thicccccc, and the most kawaii person in the world. She's an amazing friend too so if you get your hands on a Kaori, keep her for the rest of your life <3 (I fell in love with a Kaori and will never unfall in love with her)
Person 1: "Oi who's dat gurl bro?"
Person 2: "Bro, you seriously don't know who she is?"
Person 1: "No, who is she? She's so beautiful."
Person 2: *Pushes person 1* "Talk to her, you won't regret it."
A few years later
Person 1: "I fucking love my girlfriend Kaori!"
by A charming dood December 18, 2019
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Something of extreme cuteness; extremely adorable; lovely and cute at the same time.
Wow, she sure is Kaori--look how cute and pretty she is.
by Sergio January 21, 2003
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A word kids who think they're Chinese use to talk about stuff.
by person who's cool January 21, 2003
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weird just weird
kaoris are weird
by mroc October 19, 2020
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