Strangest creature ever, lives in water, air and earth. Fragrance first seen in March 18, 1987 in a polar area playing and fucking around the universes’ global atmosphere. Considered to be the greatest l33t hacker of modern times, plays the systems like any other card game and has the ability of reaching your machine wherever whenever it was. His knowledge knows no limits no impossibility, his vision crosses the horizons and changes threads into real alive pictures. Like an eagle in his soaring threatens to perish everything, like a shark in his swimming he scares to swallow the oceans, and like god when he steps on earth they all ph33r him. Drinks trance and other vital beats, but once a week prefers a dry martini shaken not stirred ;), and although the bad experiment through his life, which is estimated today by scientists to be approximately 600 years, still he believes in love. Hates betrayers because loyalness is the motto, believes that lam0rz must die. It seems that Fragrance will be completing his finishing touches to fabric the computers’ future as soon as possible, till then and after he’s the one to own you all.
You may change you face, but Frag changes your mind.
by Aurora January 14, 2005
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The scent emitted from a cat's rump. (rear end)
Hey, did you get a whiff of that fragrance?
by SMG-RuSh November 16, 2004
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A hot homosexual man. Known for his famous wood product, pretty popular amount the girls, gays and theys 😏 quackity moons over him
"Hey, have you heard abt quacksters and fragrance mans relationship???"
"Yeah, i heard its kinda toxic but kinda spicy;)"
by Midnightstarryfan March 9, 2021
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A person who does not own any perfume/cologne and uses the free samples in department stores before a date or big night out
Person A: Mmmm that's nice perfume Rita's wearing

Person B: Yeah I saw her down at Macy's this afternoon, she's such a fragrance freeloader
by Daisy King July 31, 2010
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A fancy word used to descibe cheap bottles of perfume at the store trying to be cool. Commonly found on flower scented bottles.
"I love bodycolonges new fragrance mist called truly yours!"

"Kelly you found that in a dumpster..."
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