Unisex Zimbabwean Shona name. One of the most common. Literally meaning we are good. It can be interpreted to mean, now that you have been born to us we are good/happy/complete
Tanaka is awesome.
by le tank August 13, 2017
A word that describes that one insomniac you can gossip with, vent to, laugh and cry with. The only way you can really understand Tanaka is by listening to their voice notes while eating.
I had pancakes at 1am because Tanaka was awake.
by Lentja Leo October 20, 2019
A bald man who is in love with a female named Kiyoko. Also the only straight man on his volleyball team
Kiyoko: ...
by dadchi December 15, 2020
Bald boy. From Haikyuu. 2nd year. Very chaotic
Tanaka is a big boy
by TotallyNotAnOtakuUndercover January 15, 2021
The secret war name of the Indian tribe that fucked up George Armstrong Custer at the "Last Stand".

As in: "The Tanaka Indians put an end to that Custer bullshit."

Since then, the phrase has often been shortened to tanaka, which in English means: Take Names And Kick Ass.

Typically used to describe the act of cutting through the bullshit and getting down to brass tacks.
"Those guys were so lazy, I had to tanaka the shit out of them just to get the project done."
by Waterboat June 7, 2009
it's better than the best, a euphoric feeling....can't get any better than this! It's the way little green men make you feel!

T-T-TANAKA! It's like being at that point before you cum!
He was so sexy! I couls slop him up with a piece of bread. Tanaka!
by TaKiNbAcKsHoTs July 22, 2010
When he pulled down his pants she said, "Dang! you're a Tanaka".
by JimmyNeutron22 October 7, 2014