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it was used in olden times when lords and ladies presented offerings to the king. A smurf, in one hand, and a pancake in the other. the king would often accept the gifts and keep the smurf as a pet. They are also known as ankle biters.
before presenting the king with a smurf n a pancake, it got loose and bit my ankle
by Sergio November 28, 2004
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1. An oversized piece of crap that can be compared to oversized/huge buildings and objects.

2. A huge console that is only good for 2 games...halo and fable

3. Console that wouldent exist and would have made Bill Gates bankrupt if halo werent made for the console.

4. Wtf is this ?
Person 1: wow thats a big turd!

Person 2: omg your right thats the biggest x box ive ever seen!!
by Sergio April 6, 2005
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1. can buy you basically anything you need...well almost everything

2. also can be used in the form of a synonym to good, cool, fresh, bad ass, awsome, sweet, etc.

3. it makes the world go round
Person 1: Yo look at my new ride!

Person 2: That shit is money!!
by Sergio April 6, 2005
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Used in the hip-hop slang to mean something ugly or very bad.
by Sergio September 7, 2003
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1. A creamy blend of Starbucks coffee and Milk; 2. The best tasting think you'll ever drink; 3. The embodiment of delicious.
Frappuccino's are so good, they can't possibly be legal.
by Sergio May 17, 2003
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