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The girl that you can tell anything and will always listen. Who has the best of friends. doesnt take peoples drama. Is a bitt of a tempered girl. She loves to have fun, be with friends and guys. who is very funny, nice, beautiful, and all around great person. who can make anybodys day. when your around her all you wanna do is smile and laugh.she can be a bitch at times. but shes allways the best person to be with. she has a great smile and amazing personality. who loves to have a great time and is a extremly good kisser. she loves attention.
by bestfriend(;<3 July 20, 2010
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The name for a girl who is the most amazing person in the entire world. She'll have the best personality of anybody that you will ever meet. Her smile will be absolutely uplifting and is complimented by a laugh that will brighten your day. She'll typically have gorgeous blue eyes that will make you think you are staring into the stars and blonde hair that resembles an angel's. She is also the fucking sexiest person on the planet and has a body that will drive you insane. She is an incredible lover and knows exactly what to say to get you going. Her hotness is completely unmatched.
Mike: Dude I have a date with Kaitlyne tonight!
Joe: Damn man you're one lucky son of a bitch!
Mike: I know right?!
by infintyandbeyond September 02, 2013
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A girl who can mean the world to you, and anybody.... so make sure you don't make the mistake of letting her figure that out, because that feeling of her being the world to you stays with you, and it'll suck. lol
Kaitlyne is within everything I know and everything and everyone I love. Kaitlyne left me, but I never left her.
by Frostdevo December 23, 2016
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Kaitlyne is a fighter. She's smart, beautiful, sexy, a great artist, can make anyone smile, and will brighten your day with one word. She's the center of attention, guys and girls. Best friends are not an issue, she has many. Loves all types of drama, but you'll never find her in the middle of it. Sometimes she can be overpowering with kindness and forgiveness, but don't abuse those powers. She'll knock you flat on your ass if you cross her the wrong way. A total badass. Kaitlyne will tell you how it is, whether it makes you hate her or love her. Her friends mean the most to her. She would do anything and everything to make them happy. Kaitlyne is EXTREMELY flirty, and has no problem doing so to everyone around her. She is a leader, always taking hold of situations to reign them in if need be. Everyone comes to her for advice. You'll often see her fixing boy problems for her friends and herself. Like every girl, you better not lie to her because she can and will always find out the truth. She is persistent, stubborn, bitchy at times, and a great friend to all
Person 1: Did you see Kaitlyne in the hall today?
Person 2: Yeah! She's so hot
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by misspeanutgallery February 03, 2017
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