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The Sexiest most coolest kid you'll ever meet. Funny and orgasmic. You can't go wrong if your hanging out with a Kaelan. They like to touch girls, and they will like it. He doesnt give a fuck what other people think. Just like honey badger. He is the most superior of the human race, besides Obama. If you are in the radius of a Kaelan, you should feel extremely honored.
Girl 1: Oh man look at this kid over here! I'd bang that.

Girl 2: Oh that's Kaelan!
by ObamaJohnson November 09, 2011
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Can be a girls name. Usually funny, sweet, but can be aggressive some times. She can be loud, but she is actuaqlly very shy but just doesn't show it. Not in the super pouplar crowd, but she doesnt care. She is very obsessed with style and how others think of her, but she doesn't let it on. Smart but can be kind of stupid. She tries to keep her emotions in check, but sometimes she cant. She is loved by all and doesn't just date anybody.
Never look down on a Kaelan, she will kick your ass.
by ME!!!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHA September 19, 2011
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A Gaelic name for boys meaning Slender and fair. It can also be spelled as Caelan.
My friend's name is Kaelan, but since we're all so funky and weird, we call him Ale. :3
by Gydro September 21, 2006
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Kaelan is the sexiest lad going and all the girls want one. He give zero fucks about what people think of him and does whatever he wants. You usually meet a Kaelan a strip club or somewhere naughty. He is funny in a highly inappropriate way
"Some guy smacked my ass"
"Ohh yeah that was Kaelan"
by Weirdguy6382 January 08, 2017
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1.A person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz, vaping, indy music or no sole shoes)

2. Usually with a sticking strawberry blonde beard, who most likely played the drums in school, and drinks energy drinks on a daily basis like It's a job. Everyone knows a Kaelan.
Kaelans like to be isolated but also do well with people when given a chance.

Used in a sentence:

1 .I always see a Kaelan vaping outside of buildings.
by Unicorns4sale September 04, 2019
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She's a great girl. Always involved with sports. She's super smart but doesn't act like it at times. You'd be lucky to have someone like her in your life. She's super pretty. At the same time she's very down to earth and she doesn't let little things get to her. She's someone you can trust.
Kaelan's someone you can trust

Kaelan will kick your but in any sport
by goodatdefintions January 06, 2019
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the sexiest beast in the jungle. skrt skrt rawr. likes to pull up and skrt. one of the best guys ever.
"wow, skrt skrt look at kaelan today."
by cheeseplease17 November 03, 2016
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