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the only game that can probably make grown men cry.
Me: "Oh my gosh I totes saw these dudes in the internet cafe playing slender"
by lunedaisies August 25, 2012
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A ridiculously scary game in which the main character attempts to recover 8 pages of a notebook while being chased by the slenderman.
Guy 1: "Dude I was playing slender last night and scared the heck out of myself"
Guy 2: "Slender is so scary, i can't play it without all the lights on"
by camelCaseMasterRace July 13, 2012
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the weight or generalization between fat and thin
I'm not fat or thin, I'm kinda in the middle, like uh, slender.
by Sammantha June 04, 2004
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A First Person Shit your Pants (FPSP) game where you walk around in the woods at tortoise speed with the shittiest flashlight in the world, all while being stalked by the Slender man. The goal is to find 8 pages scattered "randomly" throughout the woods. Seriously, it's scary as shit, but it is an awesome game. In just a few minutes it creates a horrifying atmosphere and it's FREE!
*Guys play Slender*
Guy 1: "Aww shit man, I really don't wanna go in that bathroom. I think he's right behind me!"
Guy 2: "Why the fuck is there a public restroom in the middle of the woods?"
by Purple Turkoglu Also April 19, 2013
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The only remaining personal ad descriptor that means what it says: Slender means slender, unlike average, HWP, thick or athletic, which fatties love to hide behind.
SWF, 5'8 128 slender build, etc.
by xzybit March 26, 2007
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Used as noun, verb, adjective or honorific: a pejorative term describing an individual (usually on the fringes of a friendship group) who generally (and often unintentionally) ignores usual social protocol. Their actions and behavior are often described as "creepy", "overly friendly" or "overly tactile". Derived from the 'slender man' internet mythos; a tall, human-like monster who allegedly skulks around silently, stalking individuals and stealing small children.
'Can't wait to see you tomorrow,' he said slenderly.

She invited herself to our party; she's so slender!

He slendered around us the entire time we were talking.

Slender Fred tried to hug me again today.
by Slenderslayer February 19, 2011
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Attractive female. This word is usually yelled out aloud at the passing example.
by Simon April 23, 2003
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