When you use K & Y jelly to lube up a floor, room or any other place where people would walk. Costly, but worth it.
d00d 1 : "d00d. wanna k & y chuck's floor?"
d00d 2: "wtf did he do?"
d00d 1: "he fucked my girlfriend when i was high."
d00d 2: "d00d, we gotta now. he's a douche."
by K3llY kthnxbai November 22, 2009
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water based lubricant used to fuck through the butt.
It has a thick consistency and a tendency to dry out during use, but can be "reactivated" by the addition of saliva or more water. Not recommended for ingestion, it has a sweetish taste, so as to not interfere with oral sex.
Woman: never through the butt. that hurts! the ass is not lubricated!
Man: Oh, common baby! I'll use some K Y to make it easier!
by SuperJugss August 19, 2007
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K-Y Jelly is a water-based, water-soluble personal lubricant produced by Johnson & Johnson. The initials "K-Y" are not known to represent any words — they were described by their originator as "arbitrary letters" — but are retained for their brand-identity. K-Y Jelly uses glycerin and hydroxyethyl cellulose as the lubricant. K-Y Jelly does not contain a spermicide.
My girlfriend has to quit having sex after about 15 minutes because her vagina starts to dry up, and it hurts her. So I used some K-Y Jelly to add moisture.
by MsCtrl January 24, 2009
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The stuff you use to make sure the donkey doesn't get hurt while you're pumping it.
"Try to go easy on the ass and use K-Y Jelly."
by Mednub May 22, 2006
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a male or female doctor that barely speaks, but makes you drop your drawers and looks in your most private of areas even if you came in for a sore throat.
that's the last time I see Dr. K-Y for a while, last time I went in the clinic for a cough and I coughed alright-with a finger stuck up my pooper.
by busterboner August 30, 2009
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Blanche Devereaux's phrase from "The Golden Girls." Used in reference to possible sexual encounters with individuals working in country/western related professions. See yippie ki-yay
"That rodeo cowboy is taking me out to dinner then giving me private roping lessons. Yippie K-Y!"
by ASL-ASM August 26, 2007
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an obscure slang usu. heard in southern New Jersey meaning to verbally tear a person to shreds. K Y treatment can come in several varieties, but classically, the agressor approaches the victim cordially, looms over them to the best of his ability, and proceeds to scream directly in the victim's face, usu. addressing his beef with the victim through a long, violent display in which the agressor makes several references to the victim's dead relatives, failed marriages, miscarriages, negative physical characteristics, or anything else which may reduce his victim to tears and ensure their need for therapy in the future. legend has it that a good K Y is like verbally throwing one's foot into another's ass without lube. Traditionally, when finished, the agressor screams "fuck the K Y!!"
1: ted: "lisa broke up with me to fuck an eskimo"
bob: "that's fucked up. next time I see her, that bitch is getting the K Y treatment!"

by Rogue Thief November 1, 2006
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