Something used to kill sperm primarily used to prevent pregnancy.
I didn't want to be pregnant, so my boyfriend used a spermicide when we had sex.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
noun. the act of jacking off high up on the edge of building.
Did you here about the guy who commited spermicide on the empire state building, he ruined about 20 people's hair.
by mark86 March 4, 2007
derived from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning "seed") and the Latin based: caedere to (meaning "cut", "kill").
Refers to the act of killing the male reproductive cells
known as sperm,

"man gravy"
"Baby Batter"
"cock custard"
"man milk"
"Hot Sauce"
and even
"potential children"
Ejaculation is a form of Spermicidal, along with "taking a ball shot"
to use in context:
"I'm feeling spermicidal, i think ill go into the back room and blow a load"
"I'm going to make you cum"
by William Butler September 9, 2011
A bounty hunter, or an agent, one to end all the sperms possible. Out on a mission to kill all that is possible. The true savior of our land. The spermicide, the sperm agent.
Bro, you gotta be careful I feel that the spermicide is lurking
by Hehe Boy November 25, 2019
When you haven't had sex in forever and are feeling psuedo suicidal.
"Man, haven't been laid in ages. I'm feeling Spermicidal."
by csmons January 23, 2012
One who is suicidal because of a lack of sperm.
She was spermicidal yesterday after spending the night alone.

He was spermicidal because he couldn't ejaculate.
by trannytranny February 15, 2009
When your sperm shoots out to commit suicide
Hey bro does your spermicide?
by vRemiixJr March 13, 2021