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12 definitions by Trajan Anntonius

A Japanese weather reporter, known for a video where she instantly switches her attitude from casual to very serious when warning about an earthquake. Some people simp for her due to her friendly and genuine attitude on camera.
Saya Hiyama is a weather reporter. Enough said.
by Trajan Anntonius March 24, 2021
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Someone who's successful in life. He/she has survived school and university. Has no debt. Is very intelligent. Has a stable marriage. And has truly beaten everyone else
Out of all 3000 of my schoolmates. Trajan out of all people is the successful person.
by Trajan Anntonius May 28, 2019
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A guy who tried to parody modern memes, only to make a meme himself
"You wanna know how to a fresh meme!? What you need to do is add an oversaturated hallway, add some shadow demons and add an obscure caption like, me and the boys at 2am looking for BEANS."

by Trajan Anntonius June 25, 2020
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A game by the 4chan user 237. A hard; very gory; kinda pedophilish; and clunky game, it has a surprisingly good story. Tge sequel was cancelled after 2008.
Demonophobia is either a piece of shit or a masterpiece to players.
by Trajan Anntonius October 9, 2020
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What happens when you give 60 year old, right wing, out of touch retards a platform to say their dumbshit.
PragerU is a good way to lose braincells.
by Trajan Anntonius September 27, 2020
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