A good time for weed; only one hour, four minutes 'til 4:20!
What time is it, is it 3:16? Great, let's get our pre-420 on!
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The ratio of 1.5 slices of pizza to the whole pie.
"You wanna split a second slice with me? I'm feeling like doing some 3:16 today."
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Do you know a 3 16 anywhere

Do you see that 3 16 staring at me
by Hleo July 7, 2021
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And the lord said “Go Sox.”
(Said by Brian Griffin in Family Guy)
Bratty Teenager: What does John 3:16 even mean?
White Dog: ....and the lord said; “Go Sox”.
by Ronin Darkhelm January 13, 2021
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a well renowned quote from an ancient Egyptian king known as Zias. "You never know if you really love a girl til you cheat on her" 🙏
Bro she aint the one if you aint used Zias 3:16 on her
by bigblackcockpenis April 20, 2021
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says, "I just whooped your ass." And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so.
Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!
by Eric Simmons January 1, 2004
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