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Literally a sexual boy toy who belongs to an older man. The younger guy is a bottom or anal receiver while the older guy is the pitcher, or top. Also, an extremely submissive and ass-kissing employee or student.
Who's the tasty twink over there by the bar? Oh that's the bartender's new butt boy.

Hey guys, I got an A+ in History. No wonder, you are such the teacher's butt boy!
by Jumping Jake July 20, 2009
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The action in which a male receives anal sex, usually submissively.
How do you like being my buttboy?
by JAsus October 16, 2003
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A servile underling. Especially one who is also a sycophant. A suck up or brown-noser. Synonomous with "toadie" or "stooge." A butt boy does his Master's dirty work.
The CEO is sending one of his butt boys down to straighten out the mess in accounting.
by Tom Robinson November 23, 2004
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1. Catamite, an adolescent homosexual "mistress."
2. A sycophant, yes man, or brown nose.
A certain singer's butt boy ratted him out to the cops.
by octopod November 23, 2003
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A man or a woman, who is submissive by nature. The buttboy (unisex) will always be the weaker individual in a relationship. The buttboy will bend over and present themselves to the dom regularly, because a buttboy lives to be a spineless individual. Anyone who is a whiner, or an overly sensitive person can be considered a buttboy as well, it is not necessarily sexual.
Camille and I were trying to figure out who the buttboy in the relationship was, turns out she's the buttboy!
by Rossco W. November 12, 2018
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sells cheap tasty treats for the whole family inclunding diabitices
Mmmmm.I could go for some Butt Boy right now!!
by Bradley Boy November 28, 2002
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Term for a guy who, when given a choice of all the other delectable parts of the female anatomy, ALWAYS checks out the booty first. If the butt doesn't pass, doesn't matter what else is goin' on.
"Holy damn, check out that babe!"

"Nahhh.... She ain't got what this butt boy is lookin' for."
by yeah right i'll tell you July 08, 2006
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