Canadian political organization, previously known as the Reform party (in the 1870s). Governed Canada for all but thirty years of the twentieth century. Usually feels itself to be the 'natural governing party' of Canada: often corrupt, and becomes even more so when the opposition is fragmented. Recently almost self-destructed in the wake of a particularly well documented and obvious corruption scandal. Has always shown great talent for re-inventing itself when necessary, willing to contort itself into any position necessary to win votes (at least east of Winnipeg). Presently in rebuilding mode in the wake of the recent scandal.
The Liberal party usually wins based on seats in Eastern Canada -- It's rare for them to do very well in the west.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 2, 2006
A center-left political party in Canada. It arrogantly views itself as 'the natural governing party'. The party has relatively few firm beliefs and is willing to bend whatever way it thinks will win an election. Recently, it has become primarily a party of cities in eastern Canada due to its ignorance of the economic and gradual population shift to western Canada, contempt towards rural Canada, and shameless pandering to certain immigrant groups, some of which have terrorist ties - such as the Tamil Tigers, at the expense of what is in Canada's interest. No party in Canada is more committed to advancing the (misguided) cause of globalization.

The party's base is a hodge-podge of misguided left wing activists who think a mainstream party will bring about change, wealthy Bay Street globalist elitists, certain immigrant groups whose allegiances lie more with their original homeland than Canada, and yuppies.

One positive achieved by this party was its sound financial stewardship while Paul Martin was Finance Minister and Prime Minister. The party seems to have abandoned this fiscally conservative approach since losing power, as they have indicated that they believe running even larger deficits than the currently governing Conservative Party is somehow the best way to overcome the dismal economic situation.
The Liberal Party of Canada lost power in 2006. With their current leader, Michael Ignatieff, and lack of backbone, they will never scrape into a narrow minority government, let alone win a majority.
by Knifer11 September 21, 2010