The purposeful misspelling or incorrect pronunciation of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first name to exemplify and mock his lack in typical manhood and his excessive feminist tendencies. The insult is commonly seen on social media posts.
Justine Trudeau is gone to another feminist rally in Toronto.....AGAIN
by Old school bossman September 10, 2020
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a very funny guy who likes to disguise himself as an Indian Africain Aladin and a lot more
what he says is a lot funny.
Justin trudeau: We are going to continue to continue of doing efforts
by A Québecois November 30, 2021
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The 23rd Canadian prime minister (Canadian to president). He is not ugly looking like and is much younger than lots of politicians so people think hes young and gorgeous. In reality he is middle age but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you decide.
by LoLI'mSOOOOOOOOOFunny June 21, 2021
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The portrayal or act of wearing blackface.
Friend one: (points) Whoa, look. That guys wearing blackface!

Friend two: I'll never understand how someone can think pulling a Justin Trudeau is acceptable in the 21st century.
by Gaaaviin November 6, 2021
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Justin Trudeau-ism is a term referenced in psychology as being a psychological coping mechanism employed by a person or people where an object of mockery such as a clown is selected for a position of significance where a person or people can feel relief from having to live up to the expectations or duties that an office or position would normally confer and instead can feel satisfied or fulfilled in a feeling of bigotry ridiculing the clown they have elected. Typically within government politics, in conservative members Justin Trudeau-ism is practiced out of an apathy towards politics and it is an act of over compensating for their lack of interest. While in Liberal members Justin Trudeau-ism is practiced to scorn and humiliate the position of significance out of a repressed feeling demoralisation and the affliction of nihilism that goes with it, Justin Trudeau is a means to punish those who remain faithful and hopeful towards politics. Justin Trudeau-ism can be practiced among a wide spectrum of situations and events.
Betty: "Jennifer claims there are no good men out there to date, but she only chases after f**k bois"
Lindsey: "Jennifer cannot manage a real relationship with a good man, she has pair bonding issues. She Justin Trudeaus with the f**k bois so she doesn't have to admit herself her own problems. F**k Bois are her Justin Trudeau-ism"
by Spawnface November 17, 2021
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