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3 definitions by Frank2020

A total replica of what Myspace was back in the mid 2000s. It has around more than 100,000 users mostly people reliving the glory days of their youth when they were on the original website. It’s a pretty new site only opened 3 months ago.
If you want to relive your scene/emo life that you had in the 2000s with Myspace cause being an adult and covid sucks, hop onto
by Frank2020 March 25, 2021
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Overrated and inept leader who Canadians love too much and by Canadians I mean people from Toronto. He can never answer questions in parliament. His speeches sounds so robotic like he is reading from a teleprompter. Whenever someone asks him a tough question all he does is deflect and say some random shit about how Canada is a progressive country and we should use peoplekind instead of mankind blah blah same old same old statements... Canada is only so much progressive and stable until other countries like Israel, the US, etc have access to vaccines and we don't. He also btw has given a eulogy to Fidel Castro who was a dictator and he has praised the CCP nother dictatorship while he claims to be a democratic progressive leader.

He can't ever solve any problems like the housing market which affects young people so much but most young people here still love him to death. He's just in power to say pretty things and look pretty. The Liberal party can choose a much better leader than him. Those who praise him are very naive people Canada has had a bunch of better leaders and for that person who calls Trudeau a sugar daddy who gives people $2,000 he's also asked some people to pay back that money what kind of sugar daddy would do that?
A leader who can get by on only looks, and being the son of a former prime minister and nothing else. He must be a Justin Trudeau
by Frank2020 April 28, 2021
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Site that’s been dead for more than over a decade now practically a ghost town. When it was popular people used to layout their page, fight over who was supposed to be on your top 8, had emo or other cringy photos taken by a digital camera. Now some of the people who used it miss it because it reminds them of the youth that they’ll never get back.
MySpace is so dead right now, it’s practically a ghost town, but if you want to relive your mid 2000s emo glory days go to it’s the modern day version of Myspace
by Frank2020 March 25, 2021
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