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To Justice
To perform an act of Justice
That boy is being bullied! It is time for me to start Justicing and protect him! FOR JUSTICE!
by Danicus13 February 10, 2008
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When you stand forth, like a bolt of justice, getting in everyone's way to apply justice no matter what anyone else thinks or what the cost is. Like dropping a nuke on the house of a person you don't like, or pushing all your friends out of the way to get to a hot chick.
Earl and his friends are standing in a group and they notice a hot chick. They all talk about her and none know what to do. They're all like "holy crap i don't know what to do, I'm a retard." Then Earl fuckin pees on everyone in the group, making them look stupid. He lunges forward holding his hands out to block all his friends, and walks towards the girl and totally bones her.

by thetruth. March 09, 2008
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the act of deciding a dispute, mainly involves the rating of a female and the settling of insults
Matt was justicing when he decided Anneke was top 5.
by First Justicer December 07, 2009
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