to do something in spite of the risk that it implies.
Sometimes you have to take chances if you want to succed!
by Mr:- January 11, 2011
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The phrase 'Drive Fast Take Chances' was originally coined by Phred Doolittle, NSP. Typically used when parting ways with a respected comrade, prior to an impactful sortie. Due to the deeper meaning and significance behind the simple words composing this phrase, 'Drive Fast, Take Chances' has made its way into popular culture, including media, music and film.
Bro One: "It was good to see you tonight, it has been a while!"
Bro Two: "It can be really hard to find free time these days, with all the work I'm doing with the Movement."
Bro One: "The effort will be worth it in the end."
Bro Two: "For sure. I've gotta roll, there are minds to enlighten and daylight will be here soon."
Bro One: "Drive fast take chances."
by M. House July 13, 2014
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This takes a day of prep- no eating the day before followed by a night of heavy drinking, follow up with a large greasy breakfast. Two hours after the said greasy breakfast you either decide to have sex with a random person or take a choose sex with ABBA's 'Take a chance on me', playing in the background.
I had choices so I decided to take a chance on me and lost.
by 8seconds August 20, 2017
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