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The pinnacle example of the permanent female condition of confusion.

A woman who ends up getting EXACTLY what she wants and it scares her to the core as she has always had the loser mentality. Therefore, she runs from the endgame finality of a success. See also: cold feet
Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks is to women what foul ball cathing Cub fan Steve Bartman is to men: a monumental comedic screwup.
by Yep Yep June 30, 2005
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(verb) When a guy drops his girlfriend off right in front of the movie theater so she can buy the tickets to a movie they plan to see while he parks the car, but she "accidentally" buys tickets to a chick flick instead.
(Girl): If you drop me off, I'll get the tickets
(Guy): OK, but don't runaway bride me like you did last month.
by jimmy66 March 2, 2012
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a person who realizes at the very last minute that her boyfriend who claimed to be a BORN AGAIN VIRGIN was actually gay and world NEVER perform in the sack EVER!!!
Jennifer thought that it was a little weird that her fiance whom she had been engaged to for years never wanted to have sex even when she threw it in his face and became a RUNAWAY BRIDE.
by Deborah Spicer June 25, 2006
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