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The "clever" modification to the term "Juggalo".

See where they went with that?
Instead of Jugga~LO, something anyone with self respect would take pride in, and not a totally retarded thing to be called,
(hold on. It gets more complicated, so pay attention. Because just when you think they're gonna go one way, POW!)
they say Jugga~HO.... which totally turns it into something stupid.
Like all of a sudden, you think: Hey! I just got insulted! I was going for Jugga~LO and they totally blew my mind and said Jugga~HO! Haha!...heh, It totally sounded like Juggalo until the end of the word! I was totally OWNED!

That's right,
Now, through the magic of wordplay only previously attainable by the scathing rapier-wit of a second grade playground fight, the once majestic title of Juggalo has now become the most degrading of insults, absolutely unlike the way it was before
....not stupid.

I hereby cite the case of Pot vs. Kettle in the infamous "You're black" hearings of 1604-now.
The case of puke vs. shit in the now heavily publicized "You stink" trial of 1973.
yall just a juggaho ill fuck ur moms dick and lauph while i kill u wit my hatchit held hi!!!11!

...So, does this mean that I don't get to paint my face like a twit, hang out with a group of pot smokers with a full set of teeth and odd number of toes between them, listen to two grown men dressed like fools, rhyme poorly about a magical circus of retards who judge people based on some idiotic pseudo-religion who's tenets are primarily scribed in the liner notes of a handful of CDs!?!
You know, just because some juggalos (READ: 90%) are illiterate morons doesn't mean there isn't a genius juggalo out there.
(who gets off on such brilliant lyrics like "Bitch you's a ho, and ho you's a bitch. Everybody knows that you's a funky bitch." or "You're the ugliest bitch I know, but I'd still fuck you, red neck ho." or "Great Milenko gave me three wishes, that night I fucked three fat bitches!)
by FlowersInMidgar May 15, 2007
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a subspecies of the infamous juggalo. they are, as our generation likes to call them, "wannabe" juggalos. there is some confusion to the laymen about what this is sometimes. the fact is that anyone who wants to be "down wid da clown" is neither reputable nor intelegent. thus they are intrinsicly the same.
i sent three juggahos to jail and another has AIDS. my day is good.
by chris January 23, 2005
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Someone who makes fun of anyone that acts like on those stupid gay clown faggots that should all die aka juggalos
Caleb and Devon should stop hatin on Billy and Robert for making fun of juggalos. Caleb is sure being a juggaho
by Kim Joan December 22, 2007
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hobos with other hobo friends who wear

make up and masturbate to kiddie porn
that juggaho sure looks hungry.... don't feed it Ethal he will rape you and his friends will jump you because they have no real life and cant fight one on one because their bitches.
by jello fuckhouse September 02, 2009
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a person who claims to be a juggal but in fact is just a punk bitch alot of people mistake these jugga-ho's for juggalo's as there isn't any specific way to tell them apart by aperance. in other words a poser or pussy.
" fuck you jugga-ho you ain't down wit da clown like a juggalo."
by bongtokincrip October 24, 2006
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a dumbass fucking poser who wants to be a juggalo, so they go out and buy all the pyschopathic records in one day and say that they are a juggalo
he just bought all those cd's last night; he's just a juggaho
by HatchetMaster April 22, 2005
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the Juggalo word for FUCKING POSER
these sorry fuckers pretend to be down with the clown to be "cool"
not gender oriented
juggahoe and juffalo are just 2 terms meaniong the same thing
This music for a selected few...not fuckin JUGGAHOES
by Munkey April 07, 2005
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