1) marked by harshly abusive criticism

2) severely critical; scornful, as a remark
The third party candidate launched a scathing attack on the second party contender.

The judge laughed as he described the girl's voice with a scathing assertion.
by B3li3v3 May 12, 2014
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a mock said either subtely or openly to a person or group of people. A scathe can be measured accordingly depending on the severity of the lyrical burn on the victim. Ie- 5th degree scathe: Home remedy. 4th degree scathe: Hospital check up. 3rd degree: minor plastic surgery. 2nd degree: extensive plastic surgery. 1st degree: brain dead. 0'd degree: Dead. The scathe is usually followed up by the sharp sound 'uoooawwww' to signify the scathe has been successful. A subtle scathe can also be termed a 'symbolic meaning' or 'hidden mock.' The use of the word originated in Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand by Callum 'ODI' E alias genius,iron tongue,monty,salvador and Kartik 'IR' W alias kza,ray,cuban link. The pair recently formed the lyrically based krew 'K.O.E.'-knights over Egypt.
Indirect- "Dude, you just got scathed."

Direct- "1st degree(example): Bashir Ali calls Callum E on his mobile, and the pair chat away. In the backround Sharan G being the cheeky infidel he is, swears and curses Bashir, firing off level three-four scathes, oblivious to the fact that Bashir can indeed hear him as the phone is on loudspeaker. Bashir demands that Callum give Sharan the phone, which he does. As the phone connects with Sharan's ear, the chilling words 'BITCH WHAT' echo into his conscience. The sheer tenacity of those words, his daring choice of words, and his gangster tone epitomised a level one scathe."
by Callum February 19, 2005
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An amazing rock/metal band consisting of four members. Formed in 2005 by the vocalist, the band didn't become a "real" band until the guitarist was later added on early 2007. They have succesfully fused genres together while maintaining the authentic rock/metal vibe.
Wow! Did you hear the band Scath Fence last night?
by LERS May 28, 2007
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Used after being given a really lame insult. Originated from internet trolls that think insulting someone in the YouTube comments is going to have an impact.
Frank: Dude, you're so dumb
Steve: I know you are, but what am I?
Frank: ...That was about as scathing as a youtube comment
by LiamOSM March 10, 2014
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When your partner shit in a mixture of oatmeal and kitty litter and then your partner proceeds to lie in it on her stomach whilst hanging her ankles above her torso like a scorpion. You then proceed to layer your dick with hot sauce before penetrating her.
Joel was very contempt with normal sex tonight but Samara insisted they try out the Scathing Scorpion Sandpit, as it was part of her culture.
by sozboz September 18, 2015
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