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Adjective. Filth, Gashness, Dirty as never seen before. General grime, situations of discomfort due to high levels of mud and/or dirt.

Noun- Jub (Jubs).
That is completely Jubby. Oh God.

What is it? Hash? No, im afraid it is just a bit of jub.
by JJ February 14, 2005
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1) Commonly used as an alternative adjective to awesome or great.
2) A way of exclamating somethings coolness.
3) Jubby or Jub used as a replacement for an entertaining past-time.
1) Oh my god that Mp3 is so jubby!
2) I just got a raise... jubby jubby!
3) Wanna have a super smash bros. jub?

Yeah sure lets do that jubby.
by Eddable January 30, 2006
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Jubby is a really fucking overweight discord packer known for trolling, loud micing and making packing/youtube videos
bro JUBBY is so fat
he got hoed my jubby
by Void Jr. May 20, 2021
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An overly exausted nickname relating to an individual female usually undergoing a tertiary degree. The Jubby or jubmeister as often called by fellow jubborians is consitently related to a state of imbalance and passive attention seeking through means of instant messenger nicknames. Symptoms of Jubbitis are often as obvious as
-frequently falling over on flat ground
-making poor excuses relating to falling over
-pretending to be stupider than what she actually is
A key indicator of the Jubby is the red and white coloured number plates (often attached to some form of Holden)

The Jubby is becoming quite rare and Jubbspotters world wide long for a chance to catch a glimpse of the all mysterious JUBBY
{JUBBY Language} "wats doin?"...."yer"....watchin a dvd....
by Jubbspotter61 November 13, 2006
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