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Everlea creates an intelligent mix of rock and pop with catchy melodies, intricate musical arrangements, and insightful lyrics. Combine these elements with Everlea's visceral live performance and you have one of the hottest young acts in the Canadian independent music scene.

Justin Dube- Vocals, guitar.
Casey Shea- Guitar, vocals.
James Young- Bass, vocals.
Brendan Soares- Drums.
Some dude: Hey, you catch the Everlea show last night?
Some other dude: Hells yes I did. My socks were totally rocked off.
by Sara May 9, 2006
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someone who has an extremely large fear of anal sex.
Get the hell away from me I'm an analsexophobic!!!!
by Sara February 15, 2005
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A British word for someone who disrespects and talks back to you. To give cheek.
"She is one cheeky bitch!"
by Sara June 5, 2004
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act of eating popcorn at the movies before you get to your seat by putting your tongue in the popcorn box because your other hand is holding your soda.
As I walked to my seat, I committed cornalingus because I couldn't wait until my hands were free to taste the popcorn.
by Sara June 17, 2006
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bad-tempered, eccentric
are you being cranky?
by Sara March 10, 2004
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Synonym for 'cool', except less socially acceptable. Origins unknown.
I am undoubtedly the crotchest person around.
by Sara November 17, 2004
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