Kind-hearted, loving, thoughful person. Tall, dark and handsome! Deep brown eyes that melt the heart. Sarcastic. Stubborn. Determined. Hard worker. Takes the world on his shoulders. Very independent. Mysterious personality. Shy to strangers. Privelage to be his family or close friend.
by J. Seeley July 25, 2011
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A male that is wanted by every women who has ever seen him. Gets laid very often and has a VERY huge penis. He's extremely good looking. He has the most gorgeous eyes in the universe and has been told to be a model. But spits game like a champ.
by 5uoerman December 20, 2016
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Jordan is an amazing guy. He is funny, understanding, aggressive, honest, unforgettable. loyal, etc. Jordan might seem a little standoffish, but once you get to know him you will see he is a kind and loving person who is very funny and just wants to be there for you.He's had a rough past, lost loved ones, and gone through things a teenage boy should never have to experience. His fidelity might be swayed at times, but he knows when he's done wrong, and he'll make it right.
by Teen-Wolf-13 July 23, 2018
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jordan's usually are cute, has a fun personality, fun to be around, all around good person, easy to talk to, and is a great flirt
" Jordan is hot " " dang Jordan has a big booty "
by woahimtherealdeal December 26, 2016
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A beautiful, crazy girl. She's shy, but extremely smart. Everyone she knows loves her. She's impossible to hate. Even though she's one of the prettiest girls you'll ever meet, she won't believe you. Very modest about herself and listens to everyone. Pleases everyone. Guys want her, girls want to be her friend. If you ever meet a Jordan, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world.
guy: man, that girl is perfect.
other guy: well yeah. she's a jordan. what else?

girl: i wanna be like her.
other girl: who doesn't? she's jordan!
by captivatedbylove December 28, 2010
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(Female) A Jordan is humorous, bubbly, cute and sweet- she can always make you feel better. She would hate to think that she has hurt anyone. She is very empathic and often feels very deeply for others. A Jordan is usually very intelligent and mature, yet very outgoing and possibly loud. A Jordan is incredibly creative. Jordans are never happy with themselves and are always wanting to be like others. A Jordan is very original and unique. She is very sensitive but can be controlling, slightly moody and aggresive. A Jordan usually has a lot of anxiety and worries a lot. A Jordan would never be mean on purpose because it breaks her heart to see others hurt. A Jordan is very bittersweet and can be selfish without knowing it. She is very confusing and indecisive. A Jordan see's things differently from everyone else. A Jordan is slightly shy but comes across very confident. Jordans are noticed to be quite different from everyone else. Almost everyone loves Jordans unless they are jealous or oppisites. She is a very good liar but doesn't usually lie. Everyone can trust a Jordan and they always confind in her. She is an amazing advice giver. A Jordan is very good at makeup and hairstyling also. A Jordan can make anything into her own. A Jordan can not be put into words.
Jordan, you always cheer me up!
Jordan, your so nice!
Jordan, your actually so funny!
Jordan, you always cheer me up!
Jordan, I can trust you!
Jordan, I love you!
by Cora Jones May 04, 2011
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the love of youre life who will pretend to like you just for fun. hes amazing at sports, funny, quiet, loving, caring, super sexy, and has breath-taking eyes. he IS perfect. he can be a douche bag at times but is so worth it. he lies but you can never tell when. if you even get a jordan, hold onto him for as long as you can. youll regret losing him...
Girl 1: "sigh..."
Girl 2: whats up?
Girl 1: just guess..
Girl 2: mmm... jordan?
Girl 1: yep.
by kitkat14 September 24, 2010
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