Amazingly sweet, funny, sarcastic, and a total Trekkie. Once you meet her, you will never look back. Perfect girlfriend material, she's got a 'don't take shit from nobody' attitude, and she'll crush you if you hurt her, or anyone she knows. She's hard to come by, and if you're lucky enough to find her, you can sell the rest of your Pokeballs 'cause you just caught the one. She will always be loyal, interesting, and utterly fascinating. In short, do not let her slip away.
Girl 1: Hi!
Guy 1: Hey, what's your name?
Girl 1: I'm Jordan.
Guy 1/Guy 2: DIBS!
Girl 1: Uhh.. what?
by The One Ring November 05, 2012
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The most beautifulest&perfect girl in the world,smart sexy(even though she'll deny it!)
Always thinks about others instead of her self,she always listens to what you have to say,she always where's a smile,she's has warm brown eyes&long brown hair,she tall,every guy wants her!<3
She's bubbley,out going,more mature than others,gets along with everyone&shes the ideal girlfriend for anyone&everyone!
Can be high tempered if you get on the bad side of her&you really don't want to see that, she always sticks up for her friends,never let's anyone feel out, she completes everyones life, she makes the stars shine brighter&more clearer!

If you havnt meet a Jordan your in for a surprize when you do! They're rare so hang on tight&dont let go,she will change your life completely! NEVER LET GO OF A JORDAN!<3
She's just perfect!she's the best girl in the world!<3
Girl 1:'OMFG, who is that girl she's perfect!?'
Girl 2:'I know!! I want to be like her!'
Girl 3:'guys you know she obv a JORDAN! Duhh!!'
Girl 4:'how do you know?'
Girl 3:'beause my life has just changed&the stars are shinging brighter"

Guy 1:'Who the hell is that girl!? she smoking hot!'
Guy 2:'ohh you know its just JORDAN"
Guy 3:'she can rock my world anyday!;)'
by iloveyoumorethanever! December 27, 2012
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A Jordan is a caring and loving person with a great sense of humor. She can have a bitchy attitude time to time. But, is an all around awesome person! Jordan's are beautiful, fun and creative people. They love to party and enjoy life's greatest moments. Jordan's are also smart, and clever. They are amazing and every way. And no matter what, Jordan's always speak up for themselves.
Woman A: I wish I was a Jordan!
Woman B: Psh! Same here!
by MysteryGirl. July 16, 2010
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Some one who is really special in your life. You have known him since you were just a kid. And have always been in love with him. You sit there and watch girls go bye with him but never have the guts to go up to him and tell him how you feel. This is someone you don't wont to loss, keep him forever. Next time you see Jordan, tell him how you feel. You never know, he may feel the same. I was to late, and now he's gone forever. Don't make a mistake like I did. GO GET HIM GIRL!!!
by SecretLover1996 December 05, 2010
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the best daughter in the world,can always make you laugh..great sense of humor and beatious from the inside out.
she is smarter than she lets on.
that's my daughter..(jordan)
by munchkinsmom February 02, 2010
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There is a major difference between a boy Jordan and a girl Jordan. This definition will clarify. A girl Jordan, being given a traditionally male first name by her parents, rocks the name like no ones business. A girl Jordan is a tom boy at heart, but is a sexy stylish girl to attract the boys. A girl Jordan loves to laugh and has an infectious smile. A girl Jordan will put on a badass don't give a shit about anything woaaa why is she such a bitch front, but a girl Jordan is a sweetheart. A girl Jordan is smart and beautiful so get her and hold on because she will be off and running.
Why is she so good at everything?
She's a Jordan.

A boy?
No, a girl Jordan!

Wow, she looks like a bitch!
Relax, she is a Jordan.
by ztopwazhere February 16, 2010
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A girl that is the coolest, funniest hottest girl around. A jordan makes you very happy and most people that meet a Jordan will fall for them straight away.
omfg i would love to have a Jordan.
by jeffery3500 October 07, 2009
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