Jordan is a loving kind person who is weird all the time but is beat by his parents at home and at school he gets bullied but has a lot in common with a girl best friend who is always by his side no matter what he is going through she is always there for him and he is there for her
Girl bestfriend: I love wearing your hat Jordan
by jmbhr August 29, 2018
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Jordan: An amazing kisser, sweetest guy you'll ever meet, best to cuddle with, sexy, kind, caring, big heart, happy, funny, fun loving, loves God.. his family..girlfriend..and friends, someone you can't live without, utterly good looking and has the luckiest girlfriend ever because she is so totally blessed to have such an amazing man in her life. There is no one like him. He is one of a kind, a true gem! Once you meet him you'll fall in love with this prince charming from the South!
Someone I cannot live without. I love you babe!

Jordan looks so good Channing Tatum looks like a troll standing next to him.
by ajack555 October 12, 2013
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Every once and a while you come across a man who does things that both astonish and sicken you. The reverberations from his actions are felt in all corners of the world. His impact lingers forever. This is the kind of man Jordan is, and he inspires me to ignore my mothers warnings about the dangers of life, and to truly reach my full potential.
Girl: I saw Jordan waterski in a jockstrap... For some reason I no longer am wearing panties and feel pregnant...
by JBL#1 August 19, 2010
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the most beutiful, hot, awesome person ever. you shouldnt get on her bad side or you are in danger. destind to be rich and famous.
" you know that hot girl over there. . ."
" yeah, shes totally a jordan!"
by xme4lyfx April 02, 2010
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the most wonderful girl ever.
she is really talented, pretty.
oh did i mention she can sing and act like crazy?
its insane how good she is.
she is also one of the sweetest, nicest people you will ever meet!
your life will change forever once you meet Jordan!
Jordan: heyyy! gimme some!
person: hey jordan! you just changed my life now that i met you!
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the guy anyone could love in the blink of their eye!! he is finest thing and can easily be wanted for sexul pleasures!!! he is funny sweet nice lovable caring and definately NOT a man whore...
gir 1: hey i saw the hottest guy in spanish class today!!
girl 2: oh thats Jordan you should fuck him!!
girl 1: ok i will and hopefully marry him!!! ;)
by Spanish Chick December 12, 2010
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n. A type of dingleberry, still wet with Santorum, dangling from a freshly harvested McConnell (for the uninitiated, a McConnell is a special, turtle-head shaped butt plug—see full definition herein).
Much to Mister Nunes’s dismay, the McConnell he wanted to deal with his latest emergency was still dripping with Jordans from his previous engagement, and Ryan didn’t have a fresh one to spare.
by ciabrat November 22, 2019
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