Obegiens lover will steel your milk and yo gurls hairline. Has a 1inc wonder and will is a good boyfriend and lover for your 5 aday and vegetables mainly obegiens
Oooh jonsey s back with the obegirns
by Hiagainitsme March 14, 2018
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(Noun) Someone who is super hot and sexy, has ABS-O-STEEL, and knows a Mexican who is also dirty and has the nick name of Sanchèz, which when combined, you get the Dirty Sanchèz. To be a Brian you must also know how to poll dance like a crazy mother.
Hey, no one theses days can pull a Jonsey like Brian.
by Dirty Sanchèz (Paco) March 11, 2005
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To remove or be removed from self from social interaction, due to the discord or discontent caused by banter.
"Please jonsey me from this group!"
by Eddiy July 22, 2014
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Little anoying mofo who gets on ya nerves but is the cunt who is always organised and nuthing can be wrong or his life is over.
Tommo:get aload of jonsey doing his homwork
Ben:yeah he is shitting himself.
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
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To go to something at least 10 Minutes before it starts
Why are we going so early what are we doing? running on Jonsey time?
by GOBIOUS INDUSTRYS January 27, 2010
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the face you make when you're looking at something or confused; push your head forward slightly. raise your eyebrows/ squint your eyes and make your lips flat and thin.
friend 1:hey look at this! *shows phone*

friend 2: *makes Jonsey face when he/she look at it*
by joeconnelley7727 July 6, 2014
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