Jonah is a guy in the closet that comes out via a urban dictionary post. Claps to jonah
by OhShitHi April 29, 2020
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Jonah is a kid with dimples and curly hair. They’re also not very funny and have lame comebacks.
by Restroom January 17, 2021
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The sexiest of men. One smile from Jonah can cause extreme Intoxication. He will always venture to find the ones he loves. He has the uncanny ability to create unnaturally large dookies in just one trip to the toilet. All who see the girth of the crap will gasp in awe. The smell it emits can make one high depending on the size. Jonah is a hero to all who love mystery and memes. No woman can resist the sound of Jonah's voice which is smooth like hard boiled eggs, and deep like slippery dingleberries. When he looks into your eyes, it's like gazing into the eyes of a dead rat: surreal and full of pain. When he holds your hand, you'll want to die because the feeling is so warm and satisfying and it will often lead to instant diarrhea leakage. When he kisses you it's as if all the stars aligned to form a very small but safe turd sailing through the milky way. He will always be there for you, just like constipation. However don't make Jonah angry. He is very protective and will diagnose anyone who displeases him with dysentery.
Don't look now but I think Jonah is staring at you with rage....how's your stomach?
by UrbanJV4 April 07, 2021
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In short, a Jonah is the most perfect guy that exists, his name already has you influenced by his godliness and amazing charisma, he is often tall and extremely handsome, he is nice and will always pick you up when you are down, you can talk to him about everything, a Jonah is someone you should never let go of.
«I met this awesome guy yesterday»
«Whats he like»
«He is a Jonah»
«OMG never let him go»
by Ll1123 July 10, 2019
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Jonah is probably a tall handsome man with soft fluffy hair that gets in his face. He is a very deep emotional and sad person but he hides it from most of the world. He's very mean to the average person but there is usually a person or two that get his soft spot. He has a huge dick, Im talking 8 inches. Jonah is a religious name so he's probably uncut but don't you dare worry about that, as a woman I can say uncut feels better and is just intimidating cause its not what your used to. Your very unlikely to be selected as a Jonah's Lover because he chooses very few but if you do one day get this opportunity you will remember it forever.
Man that guy Jonah is so mean

Yeah but he has a soft spot
by Karry K April 09, 2021
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