Similar to the nice guy, the genuine guy will be up to date on all the latest girl gossip and genuinely give advice to the girl about her problem (usually about an older man). He is fully attentive in all girl drama because he has no true guy friends of his own. However, the genuine guy can be semi-good looking and have somewhat of a life but when it comes to girl gossip he is all ears and ready to give his semi-professional psychological advice.
Sammy: There are no genuine guys left in this school
Carla: Yeah... tell me about it. Gabe is real jerk and I can never find a genuine guy.
Sammy: Well at least Nick is a genuine guy, he gives good advice right?
Carla: Yeah that's true...Oh! Gabe texted me. Do you know where Nick is? I need his advice.
Sammy: I don't know where he is. Dammit, I wish Nick wasn't the only genuine guy around here we could ask for advice. Oh well...
by nathanasatos January 15, 2010
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