4 definitions by Ho'nique D

To have one of your possessions completely ravaged so that is looks like New York City post-Cloverfield.
"It was Cloverfielded when this bitch who backed her car into me in the parking lot."

by Ho'nique D September 20, 2008
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John McCain is old. He is also running for President. People make political jokes about his age. Lawls ensue.
by Ho'nique D July 10, 2008
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Some one who has square, plastic framed glasses, owns a guitar and always holds a paintbrush.

Scarf and herbal cigarettes are optional, but preferred.
1: "Wow, who's that douche playing a guitar with a paintbrush while doing hookah?"
2: "Nononono, man. He's chill, he's an indie artist."
1: "Oh WOW! Now I wish I was him. What song is he playing?"
2: "I dunno, it's probably some really underground folksy song from the Juno Sountrack."
1: "Whoa..."
by Ho'nique D June 21, 2008
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