The date that always shows in every episode of Don’t hug me I’m scared
Behind the characters that is June 19th
by Oofers3000un March 13, 2019
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June 19th is simply the day where all goats were born. Simply unbelievable Jeff
June 19th= goat (default Dance)
by Bigmansav October 29, 2019
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A siccc day which people shower naked
"Dude did you hear Emma pulled a June 19th?"
by scoot2loot October 24, 2019
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June 19th is my birthday, you better wish me a happy birthday. Here’s my twitter: _iitsSarah
“yo what day is it?”

“it’s June 19th, why?”
“bro it’s Sara’s birthday, we better wish her a happy birthday
by hi i’m Sara November 9, 2020
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Its Marin’s birthday. Everyone wish Marin a happy birthday.
Omg! It’s June 19th! I am going to wish Marin a happy birthday and no one is going to stop me.
by definitelynotmarin October 13, 2019
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The "official" date of Etika's death.

On June 19th, a video was uploaded to his channel, (which is now taken down but there are reuploads) titled "I'm sorry". In the video he apologizes for not getting help with his mental health problems, and pushing everyone away from him saying he needed help.

On June 22nd, his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge, those being a backpack, wallet, laptop bag, cell phone, a change of clothes, and of course, his Nintendo Switch.

His body was found on June 24th, however it was unclear that it was him at the time.

On June 25th 2019, the NYPD made a public announcement saying the body they found was his.

His cause of death was drowning.

Rip Etika, 1990 - 2019
Person 1: Did you hear Etika died on June 25th?
Person 2: No I hear he died the day before that.
Person 3: He died on June 19th, check Wikipedia.
by Shaydows June 26, 2019
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