When somebody makes up a story that's not true. They lie and play you for a fool just to get what they want.
I was decieved by a girl i used to call my best friend.i found out that she has lied to me so many times. and this time, she told me her boyfriend was dead.he really isnt. he was a good friend of mine. she did it to get my attention,for me to feel bad for her. i fell for her tears. and now shes looking for forgiveness. how the hell can you forgive someone that does that? you cant. she played me. she decieved me.

Gabby I hope you're happy.
by sasha k December 15, 2008
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While doing a girl doggie style you are about to blow your load... you spit on her back decieving her into thinking you just came. When she turns around you blow your load in her face.
I pulled the good ole deciever on this hooka I was bangin last night. She was pissed when I nutted in her eye!
by Shugga January 18, 2005
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n. - A penis that looks really small when flacid but when fully erect is actually very large.
"Johnny's Deciever really widend my vocabulary last night."
by Hawk June 5, 2004
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When a girl is not as hot in real life as her profile pictures on facebook.
Friend 1: "Johnny's new gf looks bangin!"
Friend 2: "No she's ugly as shit man we got facebook decieved."
by big meech 11 September 20, 2010
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A blonde haired woman that looks young and attractive but, upon closer inpsection, is actually terribly ugly.

Derived from Golden Retriever Dog
As you walking along a street, you spot an attractive blonde from behind. When you see her face you realise she is old or ugly or both. You realise you have been decieved by a Golden Deciever!
by Pauliebabe May 31, 2006
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The Dirty Deciever is when your having sex with a female in the missionary possition and right before you blow your load pull your penis out and shove it up her ass.
"Dude remember how my girlfriend wanted to have kids?"


"Well instead of jizzing in her pussy i shoved my cock up her ass"

"You mean you gave her a Dirty Deciever? High Five!"
by The Dirty Deciever October 31, 2009
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When you can't remember the noun form of deceive but must give a quick answer
Mariam: Who's your favourite illusionist?
Rateb: Harry Houdini, he's great at...decievement?
Mariam: ...huh
by Mo7a Rateb February 2, 2021
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