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Jibbling is the art of attacking a friends neck by grabbing the chub chub or skin and shaking/jiggling it in a demeaning fashion. The key to Jibbling is to be stealthy and strike when your victim least expects it.
Dude u missed Bill Jibbling Adam at lunch today!! Bill showed no mercy on his neck his technique was flawless!!
by Roy751 February 01, 2010
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The act of masturbating into ones moms beloved 18th century china, and once the release of bodily fluids is complete the china is smashed onto the scrotum area until excruciating pain is present in the testicles.
I think i'm going to get up to some jibbling this afternoon whilst my moms out grocery shooping.
by hotsalad March 09, 2011
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Riding a skateboard deck with no wheels or trucks on it down a snow covered hill.
Similar to snow skating.
Somehow Dan ended up with a shoe in his ass after a harsh jibbling wipeout.
by snow doak December 01, 2007
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