A nickname for people named Jack.
Dude one: "I heard Jibbles committed mass vehicular manslaughter."
Dude two: "Yeah, he's being introduced as Jibbles in his court trial."
by P0t4t042o October 4, 2020
You don’t know Jibbles!? He is only the most funny crazy person alive.
Who is that awesome crazy dude over there

Oh that’s just Jibbles!
by King Koconino July 16, 2021
AKA 'Fuckin Jibbles'. A very real but seemingly ficticious character that constantly puts his foot in it with obscure quotes and requests, especially when under the influence of alcohol. 'Jibbles' will go under the radar for long periods but when you least expect it and when it is usually unexpected will come out with a quip or act that labels him as 'The Worst'.
Jibbles: 'I like your necklace...but not in a paedaphilic way'.
Crowd of people: 'Not again Jibbles'.

Jibbles: 'If I took a girl home with me, I would tell her to get rid of all her shit and piss, and then have sex with her'.
Friend: You've done it again Jibbles'.
by Barry BB June 14, 2011
To over talk. To explain something to the max. Ecstasy talks could always be considered a "JIb" Usually meaningless babble, as I am doing now.
Oh man. That nigga is talking mad jibs!
I have girls jibs
So you know when some one over explained something for no reason just to hear yourself talk or just believe people care? Jibbles.
by FupaKilla March 5, 2011
A sensation occurring when something seriously creeps you out. In many cases it will cause you to twitch and say "jibblies" involuntarily.
Strong Bad: You may notice I didn't do anything to the Poopsmith. I figure the guy shovels crap for a living so his tolerance for pain's gotta be through the roof. I was thinking about giving him a bath or something but, just the thought of that gave me the jibblies.
by rwlptr March 7, 2010
A jibbly is a baby worm. It can be found in the wilderness also known as the grassy area outside of your house. Jibbleologists study jibblys. The word jibbly was founded one day in a middle school classroom. The founders were two 6th grade boys with large imaginations. Jibbly can also be a slang word, and as an example: That shirt is so jibbly.
A baby worm. That shirt is so jibbly.
by Joanna Qunitith April 23, 2010