A sensation occurring when something seriously creeps you out. In many cases it will cause you to twitch and say "jibblies" involuntarily.
Strong Bad: You may notice I didn't do anything to the Poopsmith. I figure the guy shovels crap for a living so his tolerance for pain's gotta be through the roof. I was thinking about giving him a bath or something but, just the thought of that gave me the jibblies.
by rwlptr March 7, 2010
n. uncomfortable feeling of dread or horror. esp. uncomfortable mental image.

Syn: willies, heebie jeebies, weirded out, creeped out

Ant: stoked, psyched

Ent: coined by the character StrongBad on www.homestarrunner.com
The thought of another minute sitting next to dat skank gave me da jibblies
by Marc December 11, 2003
A sudden feeling of horror or dread. (synonyms: creeps, goose bumps)
Thinking of a hairy man in a thong bikini gives me the jibblies.
by Ivany August 22, 2003
like the heebie-jeebies
"Thinking about Homestar are Marzipan give me the jibblies"
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
N-a feeling of fear, surprise, or shock, in which the victim shivers and shakes for part of a second.
Watching "The Ring" gave me the jibblies.
by matt-in-pa January 26, 2004