1.) noun: During World War Two, a nickname given to the Nazis by Allied soldiers. From "GER-man" (Jer-man, then Jerry). Plural: JERRIES (the Germans). Considered a racial slur by modern standards. Compare Fritz.

2.) noun: An epithet attached to invididuals of German or Germanic heritage.
1.) Intelligence reports Jerry near Hurtgen Forest, General.

2.) I wanted to date Astrid VΓΆgel, but my father, a WWII veteran, would be furious if I brought Jerry into the house.
by thespecter September 01, 2007
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A name. People with this name typically have prominent moobs
Jerry: Hey dude, wanna play some pick-up basketball at WASHU?

Oliver: No thanks. When I play basketball, the ball is the only thing that's supposed to bounce.
by Fong@WASHU August 15, 2009
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