Bocephus was the nickname given to Hank Williams Jr. by his dad because he thought he looked like a TV ventriloquist dummy named Bocephus.
by MrsFrankIero August 19, 2007
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Possibly the Greatest Counrty American to ever live-- Long Live Hank Jr.
by Josh K April 1, 2004
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when a pipe of marijuana is empty, or cashed.
looks like we're gonna have to pack this bowl up's bocephus.
by faygozombie May 11, 2006
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(n.) a person who has done something stupid, or fucked up something.
(v.) to describe something that is not quite right.
The man that caused the accident is bocephus. My car is bocephus because it broke down.
by ryan August 8, 2003
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Another name for the devil...aka Lucifer, etc.
Yo, Bocephus why does it got to be so hot down here?
by Chrispychilla April 6, 2008
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common nickname for Hank Williams Jr. Hank got the nickname from his famous father, who looked in the cradle and just called him "Bocephus." Bocephus is a common phrase airbrushed on 1984 Ford F-150s.
Bocephus is a great nickname. Sit on my face, cousin.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 11, 2005
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