A "Jelf" is just a magical elf with no nipples. Made famous a few years back during maths.
Dave: Did u see that elf with no nipples?
Stan: It was just Noel, the Jelf
by Stan Baker March 13, 2008
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The act of selling items for under their market price.
Friend: Just sold my chunky dunkys size 8 for 600. Easy Profits.
by c0ckx August 29, 2020
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Jesus ever-living fuck
"Jelf, it's hot in here!"
by Bryan September 15, 2003
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Also known as "first man". In any sporting event or petty competition involving elimination, "first jelfs" can be shouted by the first person eliminated and apparently they are magically allowed back in the game. Utter bullshit.
*playing drinking games*
All: "AHHH!! Richard you lost you shithouse! Get that shot down ya lad"
Richard: "Nah first jelfs".
*No shot consumed*
by wanderoo November 06, 2020
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