when you're friend breaks up with his longtime girlfriend and acts like he has a pair of balls again. basically he returns from injury to come back in the 4th quarter and hits on skanks with you again and win the game
Ex: ex-pussy whipped friend: "you man i just broke up with my girlfriend, wanna hit up some bars?"
Friend: dude youre back in the game!!!
by mitchryder546 August 18, 2008
When a bitch actin funny and a nigga gotta get the fuq outta 'dere
man that bitch started tryna ask me to marry, i fotgot that bitch. Fall back game TOOO stronggg.
by swagmoney gratata September 24, 2014
To discretely remove oneself from an unfavourable or embarassing situation.
Marisa: I thought Michelle was waving to me, but it was actually Tyrone, I had to activate my fall back game.
by shinkumienai December 4, 2014
When a person has stopped dating, having sex, or romantic relations for some time and decides to start trying it again.
Herbert: Damn, yo mom looking mighty fine today. She back in the game yet after the divorce?
Derek: Yeah, you can fuck her any day. She's all yours, dawg.
by cindylikespussy April 29, 2021
When someone is having a gaming session whilst simultaneously doing someone from behind.
Bro tonight my girlfriend and I are going to try back door gaming
by AtticusFinchTheSecond January 6, 2023
When someone keeps running back to their ex or first love when things go bad in another relationship or when your ex/fl wants you back.
Alisha run back game too strong, every time I try to fw her she runs back to Darius because he's done being a hoe.
by Godschild301 August 17, 2016