A shy girl, she's a funny, shy, creative and, beautiful girl who redefines the word love, very respectful and modest of her body, she's a sweet girl that's so rare and is just one of a kind.
So lucky to have a Jeet, I'd never let her go
by Anonnymous10-1-13 November 21, 2021
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Jeet stands for the highest standard among simps.
When it comes to Adam's onlyfans account, Bharat is jeet.
by AP24sucks July 18, 2020
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The largest piece of turd known to mankind. Known to think he/she is hot stuff, but really disliked by everyone. Thinks that he/she can get anybody they want, but really is quite repulsive.
John: hey there, you wanna go out with me?
Amy: HELL NO!! You're the biggest Jeet of all time!
by LaDasha December 26, 2012
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A person who can not hold their own. They fold, cave, give in, or paperhand their bags too early.
Man did you see that 4 Eth sell? That person totally jeeted out of their position.
by tombadil January 17, 2022
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A small, unordinary person. Someone who is meek and tiny in size.
That kid over there is such a jeet.

I might of slept with him, but he was too jeet-like.
by NirvanaH November 4, 2009
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Creator of Water MSAU
Look wat Jeet Created!
by MSAU September 13, 2004
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