“she jeeted him last week.what a jez
by theunstoppablekreo August 28, 2019
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Cool, sweet, elite, nice
your car sounds jeet
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
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Ojibwa term referring to the stink box/tuna town.
by Mince-R August 19, 2006
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your mom walked in while i was jeeting on your crack.
by fastcore mofo March 21, 2008
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To jeet (verb) is when an Indian/Pakistani pleb fomo's into a coin which is pumping with the intention of selling at a 2x while having done zero research on the project.
Pleb: "Ser wen moon?"
OG: "Stop trying to jeet, pleb!"

Pleb: "Wen binance listing ser?"
OG: "Bruh"

Pleb: "Hello sers, price up 5% any news?"
OG: "This guy is just her to jeet"

Pleb: "I see price down 5% ser, any news?"
OG: "B*tch stop trying to jeet!"
by HEXistani suicide bomber April 24, 2022
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