Jean sheets. Pretty sweet.
I love sleeping on my 1 thread count jeets.
by iloveamuffin December 11, 2008
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a liar who breaks things and doesn't own up to it.loud mouth and always on the phone
the guy totally jeeted me out,you lying jeet,
by pearl jammer February 19, 2014
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JEET: KNOWN - Must be of Indian Origin who will enter every Crypto Telegram group and ask the infamous phrase:

JEET: VERB - To JEET one's CRYPTO BAGS for next to nothing and almost always at a loss.
A JEET comes into the Telegram chat asks wen moon, wen lambo, wen airdrop, why dump? why pump? If gets airdrop he then JEETS his coins for next to 0 value..
by JEETCENTRAL June 20, 2022
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"did you eat?" all smashed up into one word. prety cool huh?

Comment submitted with request to Delete:
"no, djoo?"
interrogative statement "did you eat" elegantly compacted by NYC metro speakers to "djeet", pronounced "jeet" with a swallowed "d" at the beginning. c.f. "djoo", an interrogative reply "did you"
by WEEZEL February 26, 2003
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when your with your friends and you dont wanna say 'would you have sex?' so you say 'would you jeet?'
hey danick would you jeet?
by 21=9+10 January 20, 2015
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