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when your with your friends and you dont wanna say 'would you have sex?' so you say 'would you jeet?'
hey danick would you jeet?
by 21=9+10 January 20, 2015
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"did you eat?" all smashed up into one word. prety cool huh?

Comment submitted with request to Delete:
"no, djoo?"
interrogative statement "did you eat" elegantly compacted by NYC metro speakers to "djeet", pronounced "jeet" with a swallowed "d" at the beginning. c.f. "djoo", an interrogative reply "did you"
by WEEZEL February 26, 2003
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The Best Indian out there. Name rhymes with Yeet and is the worlds best person. He is really loyal and the most trustworthy person that will never lose that trust. His hair is amazing and will always stick up for his friends no matter what. You will never find a better friend like him anywhere
by Oooooooòoooóf November 07, 2018
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A sexy beast that would fuck your wife and marry her. He is the best person in the world
by Purebossness May 24, 2016
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