To steal one's story and get more recognition for it
~I totally posted that earlier but you jeeted me and took all the glory
by Phantomlink January 11, 2014
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In crypto trading, someone who sells pretty much no matter what. One or two red candles? Expect jeet panick selling. Also known for selling at a profit so low that it doesnt even cover the tax, and doing so for no reason.

Generally there are two theories about the words origin:

1) Jeet = didja eat/ja'eat? Since they're always readily taking no or zero profit, perhaps because they need a dollar menu somewhere to sustain themselves.

2) Jeet = pajeet. Because they flood the group chats of all the tokens, ask if they should invest $10,000 as if they have $10,000, ask a million questions about the token and make demands of the developer, etc. At some point they quietly throw in what is usually an amount 100 times smaller than what they were talking about in chat...only to pull it for literally any reason in the world.
"STOP SELLING, JEETS!" or "Jeets are gonna jeet..."
by Tegridy February 5, 2022
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Person who sells their crypto bag for a 0.5 x and phones their mum to brag about a $50 profit.

Next day the coin does 100x, Jeet crys on phone to their mum.
Jeets selling in the first 10 mins. To jeet for small gains. To buy high and Jeet low.
by Bitcat January 3, 2022
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JEET: KNOWN - Must be of Indian Origin who will enter every Crypto Telegram group and ask the infamous phrase:

JEET: VERB - To JEET one's CRYPTO BAGS for next to nothing and almost always at a loss.
A JEET comes into the Telegram chat asks wen moon, wen lambo, wen airdrop, why dump? why pump? If gets airdrop he then JEETS his coins for next to 0 value..
by JEETCENTRAL June 20, 2022
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East London slang for sex.
To have sex with someone.
"Did you guys jeet?" "Me and janice jeeted last week when she came over last week"
by Chronoplus March 11, 2019
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"did you eat?" all smashed up into one word. prety cool huh?

Comment submitted with request to Delete:
"no, djoo?"
interrogative statement "did you eat" elegantly compacted by NYC metro speakers to "djeet", pronounced "jeet" with a swallowed "d" at the beginning. c.f. "djoo", an interrogative reply "did you"
by WEEZEL February 26, 2003
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when your with your friends and you dont wanna say 'would you have sex?' so you say 'would you jeet?'
hey danick would you jeet?
by 21=9+10 January 20, 2015
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