The meaning to have sex or masturbate with someone else.
These two girls jeeted by the tree the other day.

Did you hear about the new couple? Turns out they jeeted eachother the other day.
by Luvvvsantii August 23, 2023
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Jeet is an extremely intellectual and charming creature who happens to possess the most tempting and delicious feet on planet earth. When the british fled india, they really were looking to steal jeet's feet but had to settle for the kohinoor. Yes, jeet's feet are very nice.
Hey look! I see jeet's feet! What a truly mesmerizing sight.
by Fl4569 September 8, 2022
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Smelled my neighbor cooking so I grabbed some beers and walked over. He said “ hey bud, Jeet yet”?
by Heater44 August 14, 2022
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When you risk it for the biscuit and it pays off and you're left with a sticky mess
by i_like_t1dd13s August 31, 2020
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A person who is extremely wise and careful at the things he does . A man with great supremacy with humbleness. Generally silent but can be deadly at times.
Hey ,there comes Jeet
by anonymous deadly guy November 24, 2021
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a poop/shit. after a big snack you may refer to your jeet as a jeeteria. jeets can be good, and they can be bad. but you never want your jeet to be a zeet (a jeet when you are taking a z) because 36/37 times we are all out of garbage bags. happy jeeting!
This is my friend Jeet”
by prankingsloth August 23, 2022
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it's basically yeet just with a j
I jeet the can into the trash
by yoteson February 10, 2021
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