Definition, verb: The meat (Sausage) of a Jewish Male
Damn man, your jeet is huge!”
by O..G MUDBONE December 6, 2020
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My bestie. Even though he’s literally a fucking dog <3
Brian: “look its jeetsJules: “Jeets pls marry me” Jeets: “____
by Jules<3sMilfs May 28, 2021
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Jeets, Jeetser, Jeets'd. That about all that needs to be jeets'd.
TD - Yo, that guy was such a jeetser on the foosball table last night.
TD (to himself) - Yeah, he jeets'd all over us - such a jeetser. I bet he sent Harley's late night for some jeets.
TD - Haha, jeets.
by HamWen Generals November 26, 2018
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Its basically a jet, but but extra. That's where the other e comes from.
That kids so extra, they're a jeet.
by UrbanBark December 14, 2021
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A shortened version of the sentence "Did you eat?" used mostly in New Jersey.
by Martwy March 13, 2022
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