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1 It can Mean n00b, ch00b, in most cases due to the fact these words have been used many a times and other people cannot grasp the fact that its overused.

2 In Some cases it means newbie.. I have seen this used and it works but other people might recognize it as offensive..

3 Its a type of music. Jebu, funk, r&b, I have seen it called rap.. Although Most people refer to it as funk. A Simple google search on this might
1 -- Chat --
person1> I ju5t pWnD 7h15 Us3r!!!!
person2> God your a Jebu...
person1> fack U!
person2> #kill person1
person 1 has parted

2 -- chat--
person1> Can you teach me how to do this?
person2> Ok Jebu.. I'll teach you.
- so far so good.. heres the good ending
person1> Thank you!! :D
-Bad Ending
person1> What did you call me!?!?
person2> I called you a newbie
person1> :@
person2> -sigh- nvrmnd..

3 " Did you get that jebu albulm I sent you the other day?" , " Yea! I Love insert the funk/ect here "
by DarkGrave July 25, 2006
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